Thursday, December 19, 2013

Just another Brick in the Wall

                                                                                     "Everything you need is already inside you" ~Bill Bowerman

Hitting a brick wall is not fun; in fact it can be extremely frustrating.  I hit a brick wall while searching for information on my paternal 3X great grandfather Robert Moses Hafford.  I could not locate anything on him before 1864.  I reached out to my genealogy group for help.  Help arrived in the form of Marlive Taylor-Harris, who spent an hour of her time pulling my head out the dark by answering my questions on research techniques.  I was able to see the light and understand what she meant when she said the information was inside of me.  Thanks to her tips, I was able to find the name of the owner of the farm (John Caldwell) that Robert worked as a sharecropper.  

It was during that search, when more good fortune fell into my lap in the form of Luckie Daniels's post in AAGSAR (African American Genealogy & Slave Ancestry Research Facebook group).  She found information on her ancestors in the probate records on FamilySearch (something I didn't know).  I started searching in those records, during a break, I found myself in the Monroe County Death Index (RootsWeb).   I never would have found that database if it wasn't for Luckie.  In the index database, I found Robert’s information as well as his wives Anna and Alice.  Also listed in that index, was a woman named Sally Hafford.   I didn't know who she was or if she was related to Robert.  I started searching her name to see what I could find.  

Google search came back with an article titled, "Looking Back Hafford was the oldest woman in  the U.S." written by Rose Mcllveen in the on July 29, 1989 (subscription needed to access the article).   After reading this article, I found that Sallie Hafford was the mother of Robert.  Sallie was born (1787-1800) in Richmond, Virginia.  Born into slavery, her first master was either Col. Archer Fletcher or Billie Wilson; her last owner was Col. George Hafford.   Sallie gave birth to 17 or 19 children and was sold seven times in her lifetime.  Her life as a slave was not easy; she said she suffered many hardships and abuse (Mcllveen, 1989).  A promise to her dying master put Sallie in charge of his large plantation in the years his son was growing up.  She stayed on even after the slaves were freed (honoring her promise to her late master).  He promised her five acres of land, a horse and a cow as a thank you/reward.  When the son she nurtured became of age, he sold her possessions and kept the money (Hine & Gaspar, 1996).  She left after that incident and went to live with her daughter in Bloomington, Indiana.  Sallie was either 116 or 124 years old at the time of her death in 1912.  Her obituary listed two children living in Bloomington, Josephine Wilson and Moses Hafford (1989).  The first census that I have shows a Moses Hafford living on West Seventh Street in Bloomingon, Indiana.  The Sallie in that article is my 4X great grandmother, the mother of Robert Moses Hafford.  She took the name Hafford from her last master, Col Hafford (1996).

Words cannot describe how happy I was when I found Sallie.  Thanks to her obituary, I now have the names of three of her slave owners which will help me search probate records and wills.  If it wasn't for the shared information in the AAGSAR group, I don't know if I would have found Sallie so quickly.  What I thought was just another brick in my wall, turned out not to be one.  It is just as Luckie once stated, "it is only a brick wall if you quit".  I may get frustrated when my search seems to hit a wall, but I will not quit.  Sallie Hafford, you are no longer forgotten.   One less brick in my wall!  I am working on the descendants of Sallie, below is just a snippet of what I have so far.
                                                                                        Sallie (Sally) Hafford Descendants 
1840-1848 ~ Sallie gave birth to Robert Moses Hafford (Mulatto) in Warren County, Kentucky
1870 ~ Robert Moses Hafford is married to Alice (1854-1885). They have three children Josephine (1871), Ada (1875), Robert (1878) and George (1879)
1890 ~ Robert marries Anna Walker (1849-1922)
1900 ~ Josephine, divorced (from George Barnes) and living with her parents. She and George had seven children only three were living, Robert (1890), Ethel (1895) and Ada (1896)
1904~ Ethel Barnes was married to Felix Parker and had given birth to my grandmother Edna Parker 

Here are a few of the articles that I found on my paternal 4X great grandmother Sallie Hafford.

                         Americana: Volume 7, Part 1, Page 329

Indiana Gazette (Indiana, Pennsylvania), page 17
          The Indianapolis Star(Indianapolis, Indiana)                          19 February 1912 Page 4                                                  

This post will update when more information on Sallie Hafford is discovered.

"Those who have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history" ~Carter G. Woodson

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