Friday, October 31, 2014

Gloria Hurston 1941-1942

Gloria Hurston was born December 7, 1941 to Leroy and Nona Hurston.  She was their third child and second daughter.  Gloria would only live for seven months, she died July 9, 1942

Leroy and Nona left Standing Rock, Alabama and moved to Detroit, Michigan sometime between 1936 and 1940 with their two children, Clarence (b. 1933) and Rosalind (b. 1935).   They lived with Nona's sister Rebecca and her husband Clem Montgomery.  Rebecca's house was the one that everyone from down South stayed.

The only picture that I have ever seen of Gloria was taken on a family outing to Bell Isle Park in 1942.  She is in the picture with her sister and parents.  I'm not sure why her brother is missing from the photo.  The one thing that haunts me is knowing that Gloria died shortly after this picture was taken.  

The one thing I found odd was Gloria's death is listed in the Georgia index not Michigan.  I haven't been able to verify it yet but I believe they sent Gloria's body back to La Grange, Georgia which is where Nona's family lived.  I'm hoping all this will be cleared up when I get her death certificate.  Rest in peace Gloria.  She was such a beautiful baby.