Surnames and Locations

ALLEN ~ Hinds, Lincoln, Sunflower and Wesson, Mississippi.  Detroit, Michigan

BARNES ~  Kentucky

BARROWS ~ Mississippi

CALDWELL ~  Indiana and Kentucky

CASE ~   Illinois and Indiana

HAFFORD ~ Bloomington and Monroe, Indiana.  Monticello, Kentucky. Richmond, Virginia

HOLMES ~  Boston, Massachusetts  

HUNTER ~  Illinois, Michigan and Mississippi

HAIRSTON/HURSTON ~ Standing Rock, Alabama.  Georgia.  Detroit, Michigan

PARKER ~  Bloomington, Indiana.  Danville, Illinois. Bowling Green, Earlington, Frankfort, Louisville and Lucus, Kentucky.   Bloomfield Hills and Detroit, Michigan  

TURNER ~ Hickory Flat, Roanoke and Standing Rock, Alabama.  LaGrange, Georgia and Detroit, Michigan

WILLIAMS ~ Alabama and Virginia